hi there, you've stumbled across kheisa's crafts and fursuit blog!

i'm pretty new to the fursuiting game, having only made my first partial in may 2013, but i'm eager to learn as many techniques as i can and improve the quality of my output! enjoy, and if you have suggestions/critiques i'm happy to hear!

if you're looking for my art blog it's petitebjorn!

hey guys! just a small life update for those of you that don’t follow me on furaffinity: my long-term SO is having an anticipated but short-notice surgery done this thursday, so i may not be able to work as diligently on commissions as i want to around then and the following few days. i’m anticipating being back to full steam by this time next week, but i can’t make promises because this is new territory for both of us and we’re not positive what to expect.

Hi! I'm really curious as to what foam you used for your Bean and Jolteon fur heads. The texture looks like basting but I feel like it isn't. uwu

hello hello! it’s just plain old regular density chair foam- so far i’ve always bought this or this from joanns. (bean’s ears are this though)

i’m really picky about how i shape my foam bases before i start furring so that might contribute to the texture looking weird! i always save the little scrap pieces that i trim off in case i need to glue them back on so it doesn’t end up looking too choppy.

I'm quite curious on how exactly you shape out your fursuit muzzles~

hi! i really don’t have a specific method that i use for EVERY muzzle, because of course the process is different for shaping a muzzle on a premade resin base from the process for making an all-foam head!

i do have a specific method for all-foam heads though! i make a base out of half inch high-density foam— just a sort of simple rounded helmet shape— and then i use one-inch or 1.5-inch regular-density foam to make a silhouette of the shape i want. from there i just fill it out on the sides and cut out the stripe that ends up inside the mouth! C:

i hope that helps- i’ve got some foam projects lined up for the fall/winter so i can make a picture tutorial/walkthrough then!